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by renowned Mexican-born artist Ana Truqui

Fine Art Oil Portraits of Your Pets


As a pet portrait artist, I aim to portray the essence and beauty of each animal I paint. I work with different techniques to achieve realistic and expressive results. I enjoy collaborating with pet owners to create memorable artworks, using vibrant colors and dynamic strokes to create lively portraits that showcase their companions.

There are 2 things that Frida Kahlo once said: ”Nothing is worth more than laughter, and … 

I paint flowers so they will not die.”


She was right, in my own words: 

Nothing is worth more than a smile, it feeds the soul, and I paint pets to immortalize their joy, this work of art will do both: will bring a smile to you and your beloved pet will live with you forever.

 Ana Truqui

meet ana.



Thomas, "Maggie"

I know I thanked you many times but it does not seem sufficient. 

I stand in front of the portrait at bedtime, and talk to her.

The painting is so realistic that I feel she could jump into my arms.

So glad I got to meet you. 🐶 


Brenda, "Buster"

I gave Buster's painting today for their 25th anniversary. They LOVED it.

It brought tears to their eyes.


Vale, "Budy & Muffy"

I commissioned Ana to do 3 portraits of our 2 deceased dogs.  Not only did she practically bring them back to life for us, but she surprised me by taking 2 pictures & making it into one beautiful creation of both of them on our boat!  

We are both extremely happy with her realistic work!  

Thank you, Ana! 

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