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about the Portrait Process

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From Photo . . .

To Fine Art

A custom pet portrait is a perfect, special keepsake to honor your favorite furry friend(s)!


The creative process begins with a review of your photos. Your pet portrait will be based on the photos you send, so it is important that they are good quality pictures and that they show your pet's character and beauty.


Ideally, prepare 5 - 6 photos that are crisp, well-lit, and taken from a flattering perspective.  Try to make sure the eyes are captured clearly.

The next step will be sending you a digital rendering of the composition.

Once you approve the rendering, I will begin the magic of capturing your pet's likeness, charm, and personality on canvas.  My portraits are painted in oil for its beauty, depth, and heirloom quality.



Truqui Pet Portraits are rendered in oil on canvas.  I love what I do and pour my heart into each work of art, capturing your pet's likeness and personality. I put love, effort, and passion into every portrait to create heirloom quality pieces that are meant to last. 

As you scour the internet looking for an artist to paint your pet's likeness, you will find a range of costs from very inexpensive to extravagant.  I try to keep my work affordable while maintaining the quality and integrity of the finished piece of art.

Truqui Art Oil Portraits range from $300 - $1,500 dollars depending on the size and intricacy of the pet portrait.  Visit the pricing page to see examples of canvas sizes and costs.

Canvas sizes 3.png

Please Note:  these prices are inclusive of sales tax and delivery


About the Artist
Ana truqui

I'm a Mexican-born artist whose work has won numerous awards. I have exhibited both locally and internationally at several galleries including:


The Venice Viennale at the Modigliani Foundation

The French Embassy in Monaco

The Swiss Cathedral in Switzerland

Sophart Gallery in Mexico City

The Lore Degenstein Gallery in Selinsgrove, PA

As an artist, I’m interested in interpreting the subject, conveying expressions, colors, and features through the gesture of my brushwork. I think of the viewers as the final element in my work, as their eyes complete what lies between my  implicit forms, shapes, and lines. 


As a pet portrait artist, I aim to portray the essence and beauty of each animal I paint. From commission through delivery, I put love and effort into creating each portrait.

I work with different techniques to achieve realistic and expressive results.

I enjoy collaborating with pet owners to create memorable artworks, using vibrant colors and dynamic strokes to create lively portraits that showcase their companions.


contact ana.

Thanks for submitting!

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