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Please Note:  these prices are inclusive of sales tax and delivery

The Portrait Process

step 1. choose a canvas size

Whether you want a smaller 8 x 10" pet portrait or a large, impressive 24 x 36" oil painting that makes a statement - I devote the same care and attention to detail, capturing your pet's likeness and personality on a high quality canvas with fine oil paints.

step 2. gather photos of your pet

Your pet portrait will be based on the photos you send, so it is important that they are good quality and show your pet's character and beauty - this will help me capture your pet's likelness and personality.  The better quality photo, the better I can capture details resulting in an amazing portrait!

Ideally, prepare 5 - 6 photos that are crisp, well-lit, and taken from a flattering perspective.  Try to make sure the eyes are captured clearly - this is the part of the painting that receives the most detail and care and really brings the portrait of your pet to life.  The photos should show your pet's face and eyes well and not be too distant or too close up.

If you have a specific photo of your pet that you love and want to replicate, just let me know when you place your order.


Remembrance Portraits:  sometimes a client would like a pet portrait to remember a long lost pet but has few pictures available.  Please reach out to discuss - I will do my best to capture your beloved pet's likeness.

step 3. place your order


I am passionate about making pet portraits that honor your beloved companion.  Your pet is a unique and beautiful character and deserves a portrait that reflects those qualities.  That is why I pour a lot of love and effort into each painting I create.  I take my time to craft each piece with attention to detail and quality.  Many of my customers actually cry when they see the finished oil painting of their pet - I know that I'm touching their hearts and this brings so much joy to my work.

In additionto the care I pour into every project, oil paintings take longer to dry than other mediums, so they need extra time before they can be shipped.  The typical time for a pet portrait is three weeks from consultation to completion, but this may change depending on the painting's dimensions and style.  If you want your portrait by a certain date, please reach out to see if I can accommodate.

I collect a 50% deposit with the balance due prior to shipment.

step 4. consult & digital rendering

After I review your order and photogaphs, I like to schedule a virtual consultation to discuss your pet portrait to make sure I understand and can capture the details that are most important to you. The virtual consult is complimentary and is not mandatory - we can communicate via email if preferred.

After the consultation I will create a digital rendering of the painting so you can approve the composition. 


step 5. painting & shipping

When you approve the composition, I begin the work of creating the oil portrait of your pet.  

When the painting of your pet is complete, I will reach out for your approval and final payment.  Once the paint has dried, I carefully wrap your pet portrait in protective packaging and ship the finished piece to your specified address along with a certificate of authenticity.  

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